Pastoral Endorsements



The Holy Spirit isn’t an “it”…or a bird…He’s the third person of the Trinity and our relationship with Him is a vital part of Christian living. Ty’s message is one that all Christian believers need to hear…that a relationship with the Holy Spirit is normal and should be commonplace in our daily lives.



If your church is desperate for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit–without all the weirdness, please consider Ty Buckingham.  I have personally worked with and mentored Ty, and consider him to be the very best young communicator on the Holy Spirit in America. He speaks practical messages that are full of passion and will motivate your people to seek and experience a genuine move of the Spirit. 



Ty is a gifted communicator. His message to our chapel audience made the supernatural power of Christ relevant, practical and natural. 



Ty Buckingham is a man with a message to awaken this generation. I believe that he will absolutely bless your church or gathering. He is a powerful speaker and flows in the altars in a powerful way. I truly believe in he and Rebecca.



Ty Buckingham has such an authentic approach that it allows for people to engage quickly and receive all that God has for them. Thankful for his ability to connect and lead students to a powerful encounter with God.



The Holy Spirit Conference created a healthy foundation for our church to better understand and increasingly seek to know Holy Spirit. Ty has a unique gift to teach about the Holy Spirit in a personal, non-formal way.



Ty is a tremendous man of God and communicates in such an authentic way that alleviates questions about the Holy Spirit. Our altars were full with many people being healed and many people being filled with the Holy Spirit! We are looking ahead to having Ty and Rebecca come back to Hope Church.



We had the privilege of hosting Ty Buckingham and the Holy Spirit Conference at Northwest Assembly of God in November 2018. It was a fantastic few days for our church. The altars were full of people praying and many lives were greatly impacted, healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Ty is an excellent communicator who uses humor and practical everyday stories to help people understand who the Holy Spirit is and how He wants to be apart of our everyday lives. We are excited to have Ty back again in the future and I would highly recommend his ministry.



Ty is one of the most gifted teachers on the person of the Holy Spirit, how he has shaped the pages of the Bible, and how we can have a relationship with him today. If you want your ministry to have a better understanding of these things, Ty Buckingham is the man for the job. He’s professional, thoughtful, calming, and reassuring in his approach to his altar calls. Our people are better because of Ty. I highly recommend him. 



We loved having Ty join us for a few services at our church. He has an anointed teaching gift that makes a relationship with the Holy Spirit accessible to anyone, practical for everyday life, and provides a pressure free altar time where Jesus shows up and shows off. The fruit of his ministry with us was seen in a bunch of salvations, healings, Spirit Baptisms, and spot on prophetic words. Our church can’t wait to have him back with us again.  



Hosting Ty Buckingham and The Holy Spirit Conference at New Life Church in June of 2019 was a big win! It was a powerful weekend where people grew in their understanding of and relationship with the Holy Spirit. Ty's unassuming communication paired with witty infusions of humor helped people to grow in their understanding of and relationship with the Holy Spirit in a relaxed, low pressure environment. Our altars were filled with many people being saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit! We love Ty and truly enjoyed his ministry time here!



Bringing The Holy Spirit Conference to our church was a huge blessing! People were healed and filled with the Holy Spirit, but more importantly our people grew closer to Jesus in the process.

Paul Richardson


Ty's ministry is unique and effective, especially for today's generation. He isn't forceful or pushy and allows God to be the one who does what we cannot. When Ty ministered at the church I pastor, we experienced many filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, several who continue to testify of healing, and everyone was impacted by the presence of Jesus. I highly recommend Ty's ministry.



Ty's presentation of the Holy Spirit was clear, simple, and scriptural and without a lot of fanfare or theatrics. During the conference we saw healings, and saw people filled with the Spirit and speaking in tongues.  Notably, a community member, so debilitated that he'd been off work for 2 months was healed and returned to work later that week.  Sight was restored to an eye that was going blind, hearing was restored to a deaf ear, a shoulder was healed, a woman suffering with extreme anxiety now sleeps at night.



Ty and Rebecca are fantastic! Their style of ministry is very relatable, effective and quite normal. Our church was blessed to see people saved, healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit during their time with us!



I cannot say enough for how amazing the weekend was hosting Ty and Rebecca. Not only did we experience a powerful two days with them, but the week following was filled with non-stop stories and and testimonies of the work of the Holy Spirit in people's lives. This was a transformational weekend.



Ty is able to articulate how to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit in a way people of all ages can understand. Through the clarity of the message, he unpacked the mystery and complexity of connecting with the Spirit. He came to speak to our youth, but youth and their families alike were blessed by his engaging anecdotes and personal experiences.



We’ve had Ty come out and speak for several of our events, and he always comes prepared and ready to bring a word. He does a great job communicating the gospel to our young people using stories, comedy and most importantly Scripture. Can’t wait to have him out again!



Having Ty speak to our youth was a huge win for our ministry. In his own unique way, he connects the natural and the supernatural seamlessly. Engaging stories with powerful truth with powerful truth left a lasting impression of God’s purpose for this generation. We can’t wait to have him back. 



We just concluded a powerful weekend where Ty and Rebecca Buckingham preached. I so appreciate their ability to share in a simple way that God can and will use people in the gifts of the spirit. The Buckinghams helped to raise the tide of spiritual hunger in our church as several people received their healing and were baptized in the Holy Spirit.


Ty and Rebecca contributed significantly to Ohio's District Family Camp, nurturing an elevated expectancy of the Spirit's power to heal and baptize, and encouraging focused and fervent prayer toward the purposes of God being revealed to each believer. Their messages communicated effectively in a multi-generational setting, and created open windows to the activity of the Spirit in services.


Ty’s approach to all things Holy Spirit is exactly what churches need to experience to see more people added to the Kingdom of God.  It was clear to myself and the entire team that Ty wasn’t looking to bring a one and done opportunity in hopes of selling some books or boosting his portfolio. His passion to equip and encourage our church family to be used by the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives will have a lasting impact on New Life Assembly as we continue to reach our community with the good news of JesusChrist.